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In the unfortunate recent events caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, Germany has reported the tragic loss of nurses and doctors nationwide. Leaving the country to cope with the current high vacant positions, approximately 50,000 positions in different departments need to be filled; this can be your next position.

Germany is taking drastic measures to find the suitable applicants for the respective position in the coming years. Therefore, Meddienst Recruitment will provide you with the encouragement, guidance, and reliance to start your career in Germany.

Accordingly, a new generation of medical personnel is urgently required in different states in Germany, and this demand will be constant. Many reasons contribute to this:

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Way to Germany
We in Meddienst, recruitment agency in the medical field, are capable to support your journey to Germany. If you are a doctor or a nurse who completed your education and training abroad, and you wish to continue your way or maybe relocate to Germany, or furthermore to develop your qualification in your field, we can offer you a clear plan and to support you through all necessary prerequisites until you are able to start your dream job.

For doctors, a medical degree with certificate of completion of your studies. A plus would be a one-year internship. Thereafter, an official license (Approbation) can be attainable. This license provides you the ability to remotely work in Germany.

The two methods to attain the official license (Approbation) are:
The first method:
Self-study and sit for the license examination. After passing this exam you will be certified as a doctor in Germany with the possibilities to work nationwide.
The second method:
Send your application for recognition process. A thorough comparison between the study plan of your university and the German universities will be conducted.

The first route is much rapid method of the two options. The lateral usually takes a long time, due to its high demand of bureaucratic process.

There are some requirements inquired by the applicant for the process to be carried out.
Proof of good conduct
Personal suitability for the respective position
Knowledge of the German language. (Mandatory, a minimum of B2 or even C1 in some states in Germany)
Pass a language test (Fachsprachprüfung) - a specialized exam that measure your skills in the medical German language like taking medical history, doing physical examination and being able to report the case for your collogues.

All these documents shall be sent to the responsible licensing authorities that are different depending on the federal state you are going to apply in.
Note: The recognition of the specialist or medical title is possible, however it is time consuming, and it may require practicing your specialty in the German hospitals to fulfill the necessary experience.
Why should Germany be your choice?

There are many reasons which is why you should consider Germany your next destination. Safety, security, and a bright future are what you can expect.

After finding your dream job and actively working in Germany, an EU Blue card will be offered to you. This is a prestigious work permit with various benefits compared to the normal work permit, especially that it makes the way to attain a permanent Resident much easier and more rapid, and later on German Nationality.

One can use the time efficiently while applying to the Approbation. A supervised working option under the monitor of a hospital specialists with a regular salary that is considered ,in comparison to 90% of salaries in Germany, a high salary. This permission is called (Berufserlaubnis) and it allows you to work in Germany while your eligibility for the Approbation is being checked by the authorities.

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Way to Germany
High Salary Expectations
The salaries for the medical profession in Germany are in comparison to other countries high, starting from 60,000 Euro/year for the doctors in specialization reaching to 90,000 Euro/year for specialists. The salaries rise accordingly depending on your position and qualifications.
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Diverse opportunities
In comparison to other countries, Germany has a highly effective healthcare system, using the latest treatment methods and modern medical instruments that allow a high level of care.
Way to Germany
Insurance security and unemployed insurance
Germany provides you with secure and safe atmosphere. You are medically insured upon arrival. The working relationship is well organized and secured. As for holidays, one can receive a minimum of 30 days off.

As a doctor in Germany, there are a wide range of career opportunities available for you. For instance, you may work in hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, geriatric care services or home care services where you will most likely work as an employee. You could also work independently as a local doctor in your own medical facility. In addition, there are other professional fields such as in medical research and teaching, in public health departments, health insurance companies or in the private sector.

Meddienst Recruitment Agency has the experience in medical Personnel recruitment. We have a lot of connections and relationships with different hospitals and medical Care institutions that enable us to help you finding your suitable Job and specialization chance. Available nationwide in Germany. We have Partners ready to assist you.

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